I hope this belongs here. Ok so. . I was an avid player when I was younger. You're going back maybe 13 or so years now pre-Nexon. During time, I'd play for a amount of time, have a break, uninstall the Maplestory 2 Mesos game, download it again after a time, and begin the cycle again. The previous time I had those lengthy play-throughs was three or four years ago, and holy crap how everything has shifted -- visually that is.
I have a few questions because I feel so out-of-the-loop here. What happened to the most important four classes which were the warriors, magicians, thieves, and archers? I also remember attempting to have a beginner character remain on that island.
Why is leveling so easy now? My highest degree ever I recall was possibly in the 60's scope (Thief I think), which took weeks to complete after all the party and solo quests along with the innumerable hours of grinding. Mind you I work and go to school full time. Never in my life could I've envisioned doing this.
What is up with the Free Market? Why is it absolutely empty? I'm about the Reboot server if that helps. I remember my game lagging something awful attempting to get into the station one Free Market.A friend of mine has suggested playing on a private server so I'd be able to play one of https://www.4ms2.com/
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