If you're looking for specifics on tera gold who's doing what, the Steam page for the show notes that:"Worshipers of Fire will be besieging the world's icy regions, the argons are starting a new invasion of Seeliewood, and the dwellers of Bathysmal Rise desire to flood the deserts with cold waters."
Oh, and there is a fourth set out there as well. You will find skeletons infused with dim chaos magic who want to carry out the dwelling. So take them out as well. The map above shows exactly where all these creatures on in regards to their own plans. Proceed to them, then discontinue them at any cost.
Now, a fascinating part of this TERA event is that these attacks and creatures will only take place during certain times of the day. The event goes from the 26th through November 1st, however, only during particular 3-hour periods do the attacks really happen. Thus, make sure you understand the program (it's about the Steam page) to know when to be where.
What's your reward for doing this great deeds? Well, you'll receive Dreamer's Tokens, which you can exchange for some pretty cool items and loot.
TERA Update Brings Two New Dungeons
The Might of the Mechanic patch also brings alterations to the enchantment system, in addition to modifications to getting equipment and the TERA club - https://www.mmogo.com/Tera/Gold.html
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