Dragon soul moment: Netease 3D action adventure "Dragon Spirit Moment" recently announced on June 29 open will not likely delete files unlimited number test! Previously, the feeling has attracted many Soul Worker Dzenai enthusiasts due to its combat experience together with the "Dragon Spirit Moment" system that draws throughout the witch time from the Hunting Angel Witch series... (Click to check it)
Gu Jian Qi Tan Online: Gu Jian OL's new round of deleting files are likely being officially opened on June 23. In this test, new maps for instance Jiangdu City, Changyi Garden, Shanghuai Qingye, Life and Death, and Liuhuagong will open soon, along with the new copy could be explored. In addition, the overall game battle system is gonna be fully reformed through this test. Skills iterations to improve the lock-less combat combat experience ... (click to take a look around)
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