Once engaged, players must obtain a cash shop wedding ticket. Once the ticket plus the engagement ring are presented to some non-player character, players can set to start dating, send invitations, and prepare a gift wish list. Once the bride and groom is married, both players be handed a wedding ring--a coveted in-game item that boosts a person's statistics.
However, it appears that this lengthy and troublesome means of ending an in-game union did nothing to deter 75 percent of players who annulled their MapleStory marriages this season. In order for players to plod through an annulment in MapleStory, individuals should pay 500,000 mesos (the in-game currency) and give up their diamond engagement rings. They must also wait a minimum of 10 days as soon as the annulment before marrying another player.
When Nexon America surveyed the MapleStory community to discover the reasons behind the high breakup rate, the publisher found became a lot of unmitigated heartbreak.
"I was young, naive, and thought I had met 'the one,'" said one player. "She asked about what I wanted in MapleStory as a birthday present, and I told her the only thing I could ever want was for my child to marry me."
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